Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Video: Semi-Auto Bans - 30 Seconds make the point in Politically Incorrect Style: The true origins of what ALL Americans face today...

*Mr.Noir fires an "Evil" AR-15*
For the first post of the new month -  This subject is on-topic, so bear with me. I Continue to be disgusted with these so-called "Black Leaders" who have forgotten their "roots" when it comes to firearms, and insist on equating criminal misuse of firearms by Black hoodlums to the overall Black population (overwhelmingly law-abiding). This is kissing the buttocks of,  and a form of mind-control that the "Reverend Mafia" hold over the population that blindly accepts the anti-gun/victim mentality coupled with the Marxist inspired "liberation theology" that has infiltrated and poisoned all forms of Christianity over the the last 50 or so years, not to mention instigating several wars in Latin-America, resulting in thousands of needless deaths, plus boosting the power of today's murderous devil-lords, the Mexican Kill-Cult Cartels (now infiltrating the heartland of the USA). The roots of "gun control" in the USA always developed out of extreme racism, when lynching Blacks,  burning/crucifying etc; at the slightest excuse was a national sport (see sidebar link on this page and read Clayton Cramer's essay on the subject "We are all N-Words to the Tyrant: The Racist Roots of Gun Control" and if you really want to master the subject, watch JPFO's video "No Guns for Negroes" and learn why I am so hard on these spineless phony "Black Leaders" who preach disarmament and kissing the buttocks of the anti-gun nut fanatics. They are a disgrace to the Patriotic American spirit). Although Patriotic Black Americans, (and there are many more than the the anti-gun media would have you think) are viciously attacked by the leftist "mainstream media" (as well as the "H8" extremists so wrapped up in supremacist propaganda they cannot see the forest for the trees), there is occasionally a glimmer that shines through. It is a duty for me to host this video here for those that "get it" and even for those who "do not". One thing is certain: Those who push unconstitutional gun confiscation will automatically dislike what this video portrays, because it goes directly against their rotten un-American gun ban agenda, and tyrants hate being exposed like the filthy roaches in the light they are... (S9)
Feinstien, Schumer, Bloomberg, All California Legislature, Illinois, Colorado, NYC/New Jersey, Sharpton, Jesse "They shoot down airplanes" Jackson, C. "Thousands of children are being killed" Rangel; Australia, England U.K., etc - ad Nauseum are refuted: Never Again! - The Link is HERE

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