Sunday, February 10, 2013

"New" Mexico trys to outdo "New" York with "NEW" Anti-Gun legislation

The war continues in the States (Here New Mexico), as copycat gun-confiscation socialist Fat Cats go after semi-autos and any other firearms (and owners) they can demonize, under the cover of a biased media and supported by the hidden cash of the Bloomberg/Soros & Obama's election machine's new mission as his anti-gun/NRA/anti-gun owner propaganda cartel: The Ministry of Mind-Control over the gullible...(S9)
Democrats and Anti's in New Mexico are acting now as they try to outdo the travesty that occurred with Gov. Cuomo signing the MOST egregious trampling of the 2nd Amendment our country has ever seen.
Now like little children, the New Mexico legislature is trying to "out do" what New York did almost as if for bragging rights!!
The outpouring of support AGAINST Albuquerque, NM Rep Miguel Garcia's (D) misguided proposals were a great indication as to the outrage of lawmaker's failure to understand or accept the fact that the 2nd Amendment is a RIGHT not a Privledge (SIC) for law abiding citizens in New Mexico!...
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