Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Semi-Autos: What The Media Gets Wrong About Guns

Three main things, writes Matt Pressberg in Online Journalism Review:
1. Semi-automatic rifles are not battlefield weapons or machine guns. 2. Assault weapon bans target guns based on appearance, and not on any higher destructive potential or disproportionate influence on gun violence.
3. States with higher rates of gun ownership do tend to have higher rates of gun violence, but it's important not to confuse this correlation with causation.
Details at the link. For example, from #2, on assault weapons bans targeting guns based on appearance rather than on their destructive potential:
Because, as pointed out above, semi-automatic military-style rifles are functionally the same as semi-automatic hunting-style rifles, assault weapons legislation restricts guns based on their outfits and not on their outputs...
Full Report by Amy Alkon HERE

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