Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Only Single Shot Guns Allowed: Masks off anti-gun end game in Connecticut

Single shot Vs. Machine-guns?. Victims Galore!
Well, now we know. They want to create Felons who will, of course, not be eligible to own firearms: Intimidation, just like California. In this case: They want us to only have "single-shot" firearms. So their Mantra is "We will not negotiate, We intend to confiscate"!!!!!....(S9)
 Democrat State Senator Edward Meyer has introduced Proposed Bill No. 122, “An Act Concerning Restrictions on Gun Use” in the January session.
“The masks are off and they are in the open,” Connecticut Carry President Rich Burgess told this correspondent. His concern is made apparent by what the bill is trying to do under the stated purpose “To reduce the use of guns for criminal purposes.”
Meyer wants that to happen by amending the general statutes “to establish a class C felony offense, except for certain military and law enforcement personnel and certain gun clubs, for (1) any person or organization to purchase, sell, donate, transport, possess or use any gun except one made to fire a single round, (2) any person to fire a gun containing more than a single round, (3) any person or organization to receive from another state, territory or country a gun made to fire multiple rounds, or (4) any person or organization to purchase, sell, donate or possess a magazine or clip capable of holding more than one round.”...

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