Monday, January 21, 2013

The Real Motive For Going After “Assault Weapons” (aka Semi-Autos -Essay by T.L. Davis)

*Why demonize the mere AR and AK?. Read on*
I dislike the author using "enemy pejorative" here, but understand it as a shortcut in the face of such propaganda, that works out in the end, for the intelligent who know the score. A "Politically Incorrect" essay to the N'th degree by T.L. Davis, read and contemplate. For the skeptical, I step in, and suggest looking up the invasion of Finland by the Soviet Russians and the final result of riflemen vs. regular troops in that conflict...(S9)
What this means to statist gun-grabbers is that so-called “assault weapons” are the most effective weapons with which to stave off any tyrannical moves by the government...
these weapons would be of indispensable use to those who comprise “the militia” as defined by our founders,...the framers of our constitution envisioned a militia made up of every able-bodied male (today, any citizen - S9)..Knowing this, it’s important to realize that so-called “assault weapons” are the focus of fear among the anointed who may have other plans for our republic.  It is for this reason that they seek to ban them, because this is the sole weapon classification in broad distribution among the American people that makes a meaningful resistance to arbitrary governmental actions possible.
It is for this reason that the gun-grabbing left wishes to deprive you of so-called “assault weapons,”...From the moment the ATF carried out its botched raid on the Branch Davidians...It was in response to this raid that the assault weapons ban of 1994 was crafted...
the events in Waco made plain to the elites is that armed resistance is possible...such a resistance might well overturn a runaway government despite its advantage in heavy weapons and military equipment.  This was a shock to the powers-that-were, and it posed to them a new danger that spoke to a future moment when they might face justice for treason rather than a few dozens or hundreds of isolated radicals being dealt with in swift and severe fashion. This may sound fantastic at first blush, but I beg you consider it if only to recognize the reasons why despite all of the illogical arguments made against “assault weapons,”  the political class in our nation’s capital have a very strong reason to see the citizenry of the nation deprived of “assault weapons.”   Not since the advent of modern military weapons have the American people had at their disposal so effective a means by which to resist arbitrary government, and you had better believe that the government knows it...and...understood by the political ruling class that they must relieve the American people of that capacity.  In 1994, they made the first attempt to do so...many on the radical left have thought of little else but reinstating it, and you can bet that if they get it back in place, there will be no expiration this time, and no means save one by which to undo it.  There’s a widespread understanding in Washington DC that on our current fiscal and monetary path, massive civil unrest is virtually inevitable...It is for this reason that we must not permit them to ban our guns, and our “assault weapons” most of all, because the fact of their existence may constitute the only implement of detente in a cold war now waged by the forces of statism against the greater body of the American people...
Full Essay is HERE 

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