Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AK-47 Parts net 6 Years Prison for California Felon

*Blondes have more fun with AK's: But not in California!*
This is how it starts - California: Where having un-assembled parts for a semi-auto rifle can get one clapped behind bars under "Assault Weapon" statutes. This is what Feinstien/Obama want to bring to the rest of the USA, (God forbid it!!). Although this case is more complex, the bottom line is that the man was charged and convicted of possessing a so-called "Assault Weapon" by prosecutors and the Jury, proving the triumph of propaganda. This for a simple semi-auto, legal in most other States, but not in California: State Terrorism at it's most loathsome and tyrannical!!!...(S9)

Nguyen's case underscores the relative strictness of California's gun laws, which prohibit attempts to make or own a weapon that is legal in most states...detectives looking for stolen vehicles visited Nguyen's auto shop in March 2010 and, before searching, asked him a routine question about whether he had any firearms. He said he had a hunting rifle and was building an AK-47, the court said.
A detective said Nguyen showed him a box of parts for the semiautomatic rifle...
In Nguyen's appeal, a gun-rights lawyer argued that California's ban on rapid-fire firearms [What?.Notice that little bit of propaganda slipped in there, again, trying to confuse semi-autos with machine-guns to the uneducated reader - (S9)], which prohibits "AK-47 series" rifles, applies only to weapons that are ready to fire and not to a collection of parts.
But the Fourth District Court of Appeal in Santa Ana said Nguyen had obtained all the parts and directions and had already started to put them together...
Read full anti-gun biased story (What did you expect from California Media) HERE

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