Monday, January 21, 2013

Ronald Reagan’s AR-15 (Kopel)

*Ronald Reagan with AR-15 Target Model*

Recently, the Anti-Gun Nuts have been waxing and attacking about Ronald Reagan calling for the 94' semi-auto ban to be rammed through (In the wake of the debacle at Waco), attempting to invalidate pro-liberty arguments, but as usual, half-truths and outright LIES are their stock in trade. Photo: Here is Reagan in June 1992, hands full of AR-15, with what appears to be a "Delta Elite" Target model (Leather sling, Full sized Scope, and Cheek riser. Let me note here for the record, for the liars that claim the AR-15 is only used to allegedly "kill people", the Delta is designed for target competition shooting, MmK?). What Reagan had a problem with, was the Kalashnikov series (i.e.: AK-47) civilianized version being imported and sold in the USA, due to his disdain for Communism in all it's forms, and thought it Un-American to glorify a Communist firearm. The anti-gun enemy seized on this, distorted, and buried the original intent behind the comment "Why would anyone need an AK-47"- and left out the rest - "over an AR-15", then exploited the "chopped version". It has been speculated this may be why Bill Ruger turned coat at that time, since the Colt/Armalite was chosen over his American made "Mini-14" series. The result of this nonsense and subterfuge was a staggering loss of rights with the passing of the 94' Semi-Auto Ban, and it's mutated forms that infected the several states and still plague States like California to this day, and an even worse Federal version, (based on the extreme, non-nonsensical and tyrannical California version disseminated by traitorous Feinstien) is coming back, along with a systematic presidential/Bloomberg propaganda offensive, to ensure permanent slavery through the criminalization/De-construction of the Non-Select Militia. (i.e.: Peaceful, Law abiding Gun-Owners able to muster, bringing their own firearms and basic load of ammunition).
Guess I have done it again, refuted an anti-gun mind control talking point and touched on the nightmare scenario for the tyrants that want the monopoly of force to control or bury you if you resist.
I do not think Reagan would approve of tyranny both foreign and especially domestic, a model of government he spent most of his life fighting against (and in fact won World War 3 - i.e., the Cold War). This is why the enemies of firearms freedom are obsessed with smearing and distorting his legacy, and using that to aid in disarming lawfully armed citizens...(S9)

Full Story and Link regarding Reagan's AR-15 thanks to the Honorable David Kopel

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