Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Insane!: 5 Murders by criminals misusing rifles-Gov. still wants to ban ALL semi-auto rifles, speaks of confiscation...

The facts never get in the way when it comes to New York. Do not tell me there is not an agenda when "Gov." Cuomo demands a semi-auto ban (what anti-gun brain-washers call "assault weapons") despite the FACT that out of 769 homicides in the state, only FIVE were committed by criminals misusing rifles of any type(!).  How stupid are Gunowners supposed to be with these blatantly obvious moves to ban Militia grade, commonly held NON-machineguns, and convert law-abiding citizens inexplicably into criminals at the stroke of a pen?.  This is merely hate, discrimination, scapegoating, and diversionary tactics, in New York and also Nationwide with the Feinstien/Obama/Schumer/Pelosi/Bloomberg-Soros, etc Gun Ban attack. Nonetheless, New Yorkers WILL fight back, read on...(S9)
Thomas King, president of the state Rifle & Pistol Association, said the latest numbers showing just five murders linked to rifles prove that assault weapon bans won’t stop a culture of violence.
“Banning assault weapons is not going to do anything to make the people of New York State safer,” King said. “It is not the weapon of choice...
(Full story HERE)

He said he believes that Republicans who help control the Senate in Albany “will listen to rational arguments about what works and what doesn't work unlike some of the rabid anti-gunners.”...
Asked why the average citizen would need access to a weapon with a magazine that can hold 10 or 20 bullets, King turned the question around.
“I would ask why not?” he said. “The magazine doesn’t kill anybody. The firearm doesn’t kill anybody. It's the bad guys with the firearms.”
Instead of cracking down on lawful gun owners, government should do a better job tracking criminals and the mentally ill who attempt to legally purchase guns, he said.
King also expressed “grave concerns” about Cuomo’s recent comments that he would consider having the state confiscate weapons declared illegal under a new gun law, enact a gun buyback program, or require permitting of assault weapons.
Meanwhile, state Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long also expressed opposition to new gun control laws - but he did not consider opposition a issue a litmus test for GOPers like he did previously with gay marriage and partial birth abortion.
Like King, Long said the state and country need to address a culture of violence that leads to the killings, not just look at the guns.
He said Cuomo and many other politicians would rather use tragedies like what happened in Connecticut to divert attention from a bad economy and lack of jobs.
“This tragedy gives people cover on the real problems they face,” Long said. “And the real problem we have to face in this state is spending and tax problems, the jobs we lose, industry that is leaving up and down New York.”...(Full story HERE)

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