Friday, January 11, 2013

Obama "Executive Action" on Guns - Sen. Murkowski concerned...

We will disarm andwill enjoy it, Ja' Victim?
"Executive Action"?...That term means (in spycraft of the 6/70's) "liquidating" the opposition, so does this mean lawful gun-owners of semi-autos (i.e. the constitutional non-select Militia) are to be exterminated by this regime?. I think Biden is referring to "Executive Orders", a habit that would have appalled the founding Fathers, as it equals "rule by decree", exactly what we/Americans were trying to get away from with King George and his gun-grabbing tyranny. This President arrogantly thinks he is a Sovereign, which is ironic, since his terrorist/communist Father(&Mother) were violent anti-Monarchists (!!!), especially in confrontation with the British Crown (The original gun grab - We got beat up pretty bad, but still kicked their butts - Click this hyperlink for more)... again, Ironic he is using their tactics against the  U.S. people, who figured out how to be free of them! (i.e.: Modern Muskets = AR-15's).... Re-Colonization from a manipulated socialist buffoon who can't see the forest for the trees!. Slavery & Prohibition return! Today we think of how stupid it was for gangsters to be killing each other over beer & whiskey. Future generations will be thinking the same of us if we fail in this war!...Well, anyway, A Legislator from our "great white north" asks some questions that need to be "axed"...(S9)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) says she's "troubled" by the possibility of President Obama taking executive action..."I have a real hard time with this. We're talking about the Second Amendment," Murkowski continued. "A Second Amendment right in my view cannot be trumped...with an executive order so I'm not quite sure where the vice president's coming from on this. I've suggested that — well, look, if what you're talking about here is greater enforcement of existing laws, OK, let's talk about that, but if through executive order you put a limitation or restriction through my executive rights or your executive rights, that's wrong, we do not allow that to happen."... Murkowski said Feinstein's proposal would "demonize" gun owners. "As far as Sen. Feinstein's proposal..."I've heard enough of what she's proposing to have very real concerns. The things that she is talking about would, in my view, demonize those of us who lawfully own, respect firearms without solving the problem."...
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