Friday, June 18, 2010

Missing Hero uses AK-47's to help free Hostages: 6 Pirates wiped out (Nations cower in response)

Another example proving guns are not evil, only the uses they might be put to: armed good-guys prevail over armed bad-guys; in this case with AK-47/Kalashnikov rifles (the un-neutered originals, not the semi-automatic only versions anti-gun nuts & Politicians are so fond of lying about)...
Somali cook gives guns to hostage crew who kill pirate captors, but where is Ahmed now?
The pirate cook smuggled food to the terrified hostages held by his gang off the Somali coast...when the pirates started talking about harvesting their organs for cash, he sneaked them guns...But now the life of the Somali cook, known only as Ahmed, is in danger. Despite actions the crew described as heroic, European Union nations, Syria and nearby Djibouti have all refused to take him...Ahmed has since disappeared...(6) pirates hijacked the MV Rim, a Libyan-owned, North Korean-flagged cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden. The crew radioed international navies, but help arrived 15 minutes after the pirates seized the ship. International naval forces patrolling the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean off Somalia generally don't intervene militarily after pirates take a ship because of the danger to the crew (WTF?-S9)...Ahmed told the crew that the pirates had decided to kill them and harvest their organs to get some money out of the seajacking. Ahmed secretly passed the crew three Kalashnikovs. That's when "all hell broke loose,"..."There were six pirates guarding us. We started shooting. I shot like mad. The pirates were taken by surprise. They opened fire, shot each other also by mistake," said Cretu, who was wounded in the back during the firefight. "This lasted for about 45 minutes. All in all, we annihilated them pretty quickly. Some we threw overboard, to the sharks." "It was like being in a commando fight"..."In my mind, cook Ahmed was an angel sent by God," said Cretu. "Without his intervention, without his courage, we would have been dead"...
Full story about this true life blood and thunder action adventure here
Note that this story is less than "under-reported" by the biased U.S. news media, where self-reliant derring-do with firearms must not be encouraged for fear of creating a trend of people fighting back against criminal depredations. This is already standard, because similar stories in the USA are also intentionally under-reported by the biased news media (Were it not for NRA News & "Armed Citizen", we might not hear about them at all!). The shipping companies do not encourage crews to resist Pirates with armed force, and the policy of non-intervention by Naval forces is downright cowardice being imposed upon the military, who would be more than willing to erase these bumbling seagoing terrorist vermin if allowed to take the gloves off!...Eternal shame on the nations who refused asylum for the honorable heroic "Ahmed"...(S9)

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