Monday, May 24, 2010

WW2 Hero's firearms found in Walton loft

(The) firearms were identified as those belonging to Geoffrey McLeod Hallowes who served with the Gordon Highlanders and later became an SOE (Special Operations Executive) agent, helping to organise French resistance after D-Day.
His contribution during the Second World War has been recognised by a number of gallantry awards, including the Croix de Guerre. Mr Hallowes died in 2006. He was married to French Resistance fighter and George Cross winner Odette Hallowes, MBE.
The guns including, an American M1 carbine (Semi-automatic:Ed.), a German MP40 sub machine gun (Full-Automatic:Ed.), a British Enfield .38 revolver and a German Luger 9mm pistol (Semi-automatic:Ed.), have been placed in The Gordon Highlanders Museum, in Aberdeen, along with Geoffrey Hallowes’ war medals...
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So my question is this: Why was he not forced, like other British WW2 Vets holding war trophy weapons, to turn in and deactivate these pieces under the arbitrary & draconian gun laws English subjects suffer under?. Why was his wife not arrested and jailed for possession of "illegal firearms" like the commoners?. The stench of hipocracy befouls the air of UK "Gun Control"...(S9)

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