Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mexican Semi-Auto Ban Propaganda continues on US Visit, American President bows down again

[Readers can check the archives listed at the right of this page from 2009 (April, May, July, & August) for news & comment refuting these blatant stinking dammed lies!...Here we go again...]
"There is one issue where Mexico needs your cooperation. And that is stopping the flow of assault weapons and other deadly arms across the border," Calderon said to a standing ovation from U.S. lawmakers. (Lie!:Not everyone was standing and applauding!-S9)
Calderon said the increase in violence in Mexico had coincided with the 2004 lifting of a U.S. assault weapons ban. (Liar - S9)
The 10-year ban on the sale of assault weapons to civilians expired without being extended by Congress. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has said the administration favors reinstituting the ban, though guns rights groups oppose it.
Calderon said he respects Americans' Second Amendment right to bear arms (Liar - S9) but said many of the guns are getting into the hands of criminals...
Mexico has seized around 75,000 guns and assault weapons in the last three years, Calderon said. He said more than 80 percent of them came from the United States and noted there were more than 7,000 gun shops along the border.
"I would ask Congress to help us, with respect, and to understand how important it is for us that you enforce current laws to stem the supply of these weapons to criminals and consider reinstating the assault weapons ban," he said.
Though Calderon's request received applause and a standing ovation from mainly Democratic lawmakers, Republicans criticized the Mexican leader for discussing U.S. laws. "It was inappropriate for President Calderon to lecture Americans on our own state and federal laws," said Senator John Cornyn, a member of the Republican leadership. "Moreover, the Second Amendment is not a subject open for diplomatic negotiation, with Mexico or any other nation."
Full biased propaganda piece here
This bumbling corrupt figurehead for the rich oligarchs of Mexico is bleating the same old anti-gun lie-packed script written by the international gun-grab mafia, and encouraged by the current resident in the White House as a wedge to enforce a pre-prepared anti-gun agenda. Like most "gun-free zones", of which Mexico is due to a near total ban on firearms for the law-abiding citizen, armed criminals can operate with impunity and the cadavers pile up. It takes guts to fight crime, but no guts at all to blame those who are NOT the problem, i.e. US gun laws and owners!...(S9)

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