Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pennsylvania Tyranny: Semi-Auto Ban Looms

"House Bill 1045 would bring California-style gun-control to the Keystone State and ultimately ban many semi-automatic firearms commonly owned by Pennsylvanians. HB1045 is an attempt to revive the failed Clinton Gun-Ban that sunset(sic)in 2004. This bill is about demonizing certain firearms based on how they look, not about crime fighting. This gun ban scheme will only punish law-abiding citizens and will do nothing to curb crime or keep criminals from obtaining firearms illegally. This is simply another attack on...Second Amendment rights in Pennsylvania"...(ILA)
Text of HB1045
This is the same technique used to turn thousands of California gun owners into "instant criminals" for simple possession of a legally purchased firearm!!. I remember the television ads by the California Atty. General warning owners to turn them in or face prison: Naked gun confiscation on prime-time!. I continue to warn readers that what happens in California will be coming to you if you don't pay attention!...Support the Pennsylvanians!. Support the Freedom fighters in California!...Click the "CalGuns" link to the right of this page!...(S9)

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