Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Fictional/Fantasy Gun Bans": A Proven Gun Haters Mind-Control Trend

Let me provide 3 examples of "Hitting em' where they ain't". 1) California's ban on .50 BMG rifles. The .50 Cal cartridge is essentially "ancient" technology, NOT some new high tech wonder weapon as implied by the gun-ban propagandists. Developed as an "anti-tank" round in the WW1 era, it quickly became obsolete for this role when Tank armor was upgraded. The round was extensively used by U.S. forces as a heavy machinegun round, and used by the Army Air Force during WW2 (mounted on fighter planes and heavy Bombers). The round saw action in the Korean War and Vietnam, and is still used even today by the military, it is that well designed. Civilian sport use of the round is limited to long range target work, where specialized military rounds are not a factor (and around which the many lies about it's capabilities are claimed by the gun-banners). Note that:"Despite the legislature's claim of a terrorist threat, as of 2009, there has been no terrorist attacks involving a .50 BMG. In fact, not only has the .50 BMG never been used to harm or kill anyone in California, there is no record of a .50 BMG rifle ever being used in the United States to commit a crime" [See:(]...Schwarzenneger signed this monstrosity into law based on his "experience" in (blank firing) fictional movie roles, plus alarmist claims by Feinstien that these rounds would penetrate the armored limousines used by, you guessed it, Fat-Cat Politicians: like them!. Looking out for number one (and damn their eyes for it!)...
2) Another example was pointed out in David Codrea's investigation of "Airsoft Guns". There are wild claims about these replica guns being "easily convertible" to functioning firearms, but the facts do not back up the fantasy. Note that even allegedly "fair and balanced" Fox News jumped on the "scary AR-15 semiautomatic assault weapon" bandwagon, a revolting development, from those one would think should know better. An expert Codrea interviewed pointed out: "What FOX did not print is that I told them anything including plumbing parts that are sold at home depot can be made into a gun and any 8th grader can build a gun in shop class. Making a gun is not a complicated task"...Here again we see something that has so far never happened being promoted for regulation based on a fantasy of what "could" happen. [(:]
3)The most recent manifestation of this sinister nonsense comes out of England, where "real" firearms are effectively banned for the law-abiding, while criminals have plenty of "Black-Market" firearms available, knives are "banned", and people are regularly losing their eyesight in mayhem "glassing" attacks, where drinking containers are used as edged weapons at alcohol fueled social gatherings (and offenders are not receiving punishment proportional to their crimes I might add). One of the most inoffensive traditional tools for sport will now draw an owner a five year prison sentence for simple possession: a stinkin' "starter pistol", specifically the "Bruni Olympic .380 BBM revolver". A Fat-Cat Police official "justifies" this by claiming "The accessibility to comparatively sophisticated tools via DIY stores and their relatively low price have given criminals the means to convert these weapons...By removing these potential firearms (emphasis mine) from circulation (Police)...are contributing significantly to making Dorset safer for everyone"...(Although he admits these "non-weapons" are far from in the hands of the criminal underworld, citing "sports clubs, schools, theatrical groups, gun dog training schools" as being the places likely having these in inventory)...[(]...
Here again we see something that has so far never happened being promoted for banning & jail time based on a fantasy of what "could" happen rather than reality on any level.
This is what you get when you have fools, ignorant of even the simplest facts about firearms, operating out of fear, hate, and exaggerated imaginings; concocting crackpot policies that will literally put an otherwise lawful person in prison on a simple technical violation, based on a fantasy, NOT a proven violent crime(!) (How sick-minded is that? This is "Public Safety"? Like hell it is!). This is symptomatic of the "meddler", the proverbial person with "too much time on their hands" and "nothing better to do" than bring up such absurdities, but permitting them the power of tyrants is the true evil. Gun owners world wide have way too many of these "petite tyrants" oppressing the innocent with these "intolerable acts," while simultaneously insidiously hypnotizing a gullible public into complacency with their media mind-control propaganda demonizing legitimate gun ownership, even when the "guns" involved are not "guns" at all or have never been used in any sort of violent crime whatsoever!! (Which itself is a greater crime )....(S9)
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