Thursday, August 5, 2010

Media Bias: "Evil Assault Weapon" actually .22 Rimfire (Scare Tactics)

News media displayed this photo of a criminals confiscated semi-auto firearm, the unspoken intent is for the ignorant to think it is some kind of so-called "high-powered machine-gun capable of wiping out dozens of innocents". To firearms savvy observers, however, this deception is laughable, because the "evil conspicuously protruding" magazine is clear sided and shows the ammunition to be tiny .22 Caliber Rimfire cartridges(?!). Not to say that .22 rimfire cannot kill a human, (they can and have), but are hardly  "big bore" centerfire rounds capable of significant one shot damage that is implied by such a large firearm as shown in the photo (.22 rimfire may stop a small squirrel, groundhog or other varmint with one shot, but that's about it. After all, a well placed rock can kill also, ask the Israeli Police for proof, and just because you have a firearm does not mean you will always prevail). In a country where most "serious" firearms are banned, puny things like this are hyped up with exaggerated "mystical powers", especially when the cosmetics of the firearm can be ballyhooed as "evil". Notice how in anti-gun "Utopias" like UK/NZ/Oz, India etc "suddenly" knives and airguns are the new "terror weapons" for the scare tactic ridden media mind-controllers (and sometimes when they are not even "weapons" at all!). Ancient warriors fought with edged weapons for centuries, and could inflict damage that would make a .22 rimfire pale in comparison (Those societies tried to ban edged weapons for their enemies and subjects, and failed just as their modern conterparts will). Another example of underhanded so-called journalism by the running dog media and dishonest "law-enforcement" collaborating to propagandize a gullible public, but as "Honest Abe" Lincoln once said "You can't fool all of the people all of the time"....(S9)
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