Thursday, May 7, 2009

Overreach:Germany may Ban...Paintball(?)

From the country that set the bar for mind-control propaganda and heavy-handed extremist socialist totalitarianism, anti-liberty elements are ganging-up for another useless "feel-good" attack, this time beginning with a small but significant bite against paintballers. The usual methods are in play: pointing to misusers of firearms that have murdered disarmed people in soft target "gun-free zones" and "demonizing" the object (the paintball gun) and those who use them (The exact same execrable methods used in the US to ban mythical so-called "assault weapons"). Yes, my beloved Germans are again backsliding into the old ways of east German communism & mindless 3rd Reich zealotry...
Germany May Seek Ban on Paintball
In response to the Winnenden school shooting in March, the German government is moving ahead with a plan to ban paintball, which politicians describe as a game that glorifies murder and teaches people to like paint ball and laser tag are to be banned in Germany in the future, and people who violate the law could be fined up to €5,000...The German Paintball League claims about 1,000 people in the country are active in the sport and there are more than 200 facilities where it is played...The head of the league said he was surprised by the plan to ban what he called a "tactical team sport." But "during an election campaign," he said, "politicians are always looking for a fall guy."...paintball makes the headlines because it is played at events in Europe held by right-wing extremists or military freaks...the chairwoman of the Green Party, described the proposed tightening of weapons laws as a "courage-less concession to the gun lobby." Instead of banning large calibre guns in general, the coalition government has only managed to agree on a token ban on paintball." By doing so, she said, "the coalition is tightening weapons laws in areas that are the least painful to the gun lobby."....
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