Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Layered Lies:"Semiautomatic rifles a ‘hazard'; seizures are up"

This "report" is actually a "press release" for grandstanding local politicians, including the non-Cop "Police Chief". Defecating an updated version of the usual hyped-up blatant lies and half-truths about semi-auto firearms, this time claiming an exaggerated phony "crime emergency" that curiously only seems to be happening in their city area but not anywhere else, and is anything but(!). The layers of lies are heavy and thick, with P.T. Barnum-like hyperbole and scare tactics the order of the day, served up like the steaming pile it is for the gullible to ingest. The critical thinkers, however, will smell the fetid stink for what it is, and quickly at that. There are so many lies, it would take me pages to refute, but here are a few of the more egregious examples:
First, they make a blanket claim throughout, demonizing "semi-automatics". This permits them to throw any firearm in the mix that operates semi-auto (such as normal shotguns & pistols), while implying that the firearms are the "evil" mythical so-called "assault weapons", in short, playing the "bait & switch" game with the reader. This trick pony pops up in various ways, like this lie: "On March 21, Lovelle Mixon killed four Oakland police officers before being killed by police"...They do not tell you that baby rapist ex-con Mixon used an SKS (not, as reported and never refuted, an "AK-47") fatally against only 2 officers, while using a handgun against the other two: Bait & switch baloney!. Another:"“They fire so many rounds so quickly. You can get off close to 50 rounds in 30 seconds … Do we really want to make it easier and easier to kill people?”...Here we go again with the dust in the eyes tactic of making the semi-auto look like a full-auto machinegun to those who don't know any better and are easily fooled by such false claims (as usual, with no data to back up this exaggeration) plus tacking on a rhetorical "appeal to guilt" browbeat at the end. On the same note: "most crimes are committed with illegally obtained rifles"...Another claim without facts to back it up, but interesting, because it backhandedly admits that guns held by law-abiding citizens are not the "problem" since they state the guns are "illegally obtained". You cannot have it both ways, but they do it nonetheless in this foul piece of black propaganda!. Furthermore, they tag this one on: "a reinstitution has semiautomatic rifles flying off the shelves locally and nationally"..."more sales increase the chances of legally bought semiautomatic rifles being stolen by criminals or obtained in straw purchases or from unscrupulous gun dealers"......"increases the chances"? This "what might happen but cannot be quantified" statement is pure fictional speculation based on nothing to support it in the real world, mere Hollywood balderdash!. Another unsubstantiated libel against law-abiding gunowners, who are in their view all stupid & untrustworthy dolts that leave guns lying around for hoodlums to steal, and a slap against legitimate gun sellers who are now tarred with the brush of being greedy tricksters with hooded eyes, looking for any chance to sell guns to the criminal underworld. Yes, this is what they think of you, and is the image they want to sell to the uninformed masses. It's bad enough they want to make you a criminal by the stroke of an unconstitutional pen for the metal and plastic you have in your gunsafe, but these days they say YOU are the problem and are responsible for supplying guns to criminals as both unwitting dupe or sininster criminal toady!. Oh, and let's not forget that tried and true "appeal to victimhood": "it's not only a hazard to the public, but in particular to police officers,”...OK, like the Cops have never fought gunbattles against criminals in the past? In the 1920's many of the more notorious "Public Enemies" used actual full-automatic machineguns (the Cops used them too, by the way) and that was decades ago, so what has changed? Were bullets "less hazardous" back then?. No, this is the same old tired "Cops are victims" ploy, a red herring to throw the unwitting off the stinking scent of their real agendas: banning & confiscation of lawfully owned firearms, which won't have any impact on the criminals "illegally obtained" guns, no different than those equally "illegally obtained" narcotics that are also available on the black market and cannot be stopped. If you wish to read this disgusting exercise in Brady backed talking point media mind control, be my guest, but have some aspirin and a barf-bag nearby, you are gonna' need em'!
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