Monday, May 25, 2009

Lest We Forget: Memorial Day...

They used firearms to protect your rights to possess civilian semi-automatic versions of the same they used to protect freedom!. The British have forgotten this sacrifice, as have many of the remaining bits of the "Empire" (Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc). The USA will not go down the same road gently, and will likely stand out as the last example of freedom-lovers with the balls to prove it on the planet! Ban violent criminals (& Tyrants), not Firearms, you fools, before you have to be schooled the hard way!!!)...
P.S.:The Memorial Day concert in D.C. was useless except for the musical "Service medley", the last sector left that is Patriotic IMVVHO)...More power to the Active Duty Snuffies and the old grumpy Veterans that have "Seen the Elephant" (& Terrorist scum, hopefully in their gunsights!)...S9

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