Sunday, May 17, 2009

BATFE Raid Gun Store:Harassment Likely...

Feds Raid High Desert Gun Store
(Victorville, CA) -- Federal agents raided a gun store in Victorville Friday, confiscating about 200 firearms, ammunition and business records. The "Victor Valley Daily Press" reports agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were inside the Lock, Stock and Barrel store for about two hours. They also searched the Apple Valley home of store owner Steve Mitchell and seized another dozen weapons. ATF spokesman Michael Hoffman would not say why the store was raided and all the guns taken. He did say that Mitchell's federal firearms license has not been revoked.
What did I just say on May 13th?:"."Another unsubstantiated libel against law-abiding gunowners, who are in their view all stupid & untrustworthy dolts that leave guns lying around for hoodlums to steal, and a slap against legitimate gun sellers who are now tarred with the brush of being greedy tricksters with hooded eyes, looking for any chance to sell guns to the criminal underworld. Yes, this is what they think of you, and is the image they want to sell to the uninformed masses. It's bad enough they want to make you a criminal by the stroke of an unconstitutional pen for the metal and plastic you have in your gunsafe, but these days they say YOU are the problem and are responsible for supplying guns to criminals as both unwitting dupe or sininster criminal toady!"...Given BATFE's past record, I'm giving the store owner the benefit of the doubt...

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