Saturday, May 9, 2009

Opinion:"They're after our guns!"

They're after our guns
Sen. Dianne Feinstein recently said that she will pick the time, she will pick the place and she will bring back the failed Clinton gun ban. And she said President Obama will sign it.

Most of the media has swept it under the rug, like always. But they can't deny it any longer and there's no doubt about it. They're coming after every law-abiding gun owner in America. They want your name and personal information in a federal database. That's right - national registration of all firearms.

The Speaker of the House - Nancy Pelosi - fully admitted her gun registration plan, in an admission wrapped around outright untruths about the Second Amendment and our freedom.

When pressed about her goals for gun legislation on ABC's "Good Morning America," Pelosi said: "... The Supreme Court has ruled in a direction that gives more opportunity for people to have guns, (not true) ... We never denied that right. (Really?) ... We don't want to take their guns away (sure, Nancy) ... We want them registered and we have to rid the debate of the misconceptions that people have about what gun safety means." (Actually, gun owners fully know gun safety a lot better than you do, gun owners want "crime control" but you refuse to oblige them, like always).

Pelosi's idea of "gun safety" is every gun ban, ammunition ban, and licensing scheme that has come across her desk. She's spent an entire congressional career voting to deny the rights of lawful gun owners.

Now, she's put out her congressional agenda - coming soon: "We want them registered."

They can't deny it. And they can't deny the determination and might of America's lawful gun owners, who don't want their names in some national government database, just waiting to be abused by Second Amendment-hating bureaucrats. We have known for years who our enemies are within our own government.

American gun owners fully understand what gun registration leads to. So, bring it on, Speaker Pelosi. We're ready, as the Supreme Court is with us, not you, and not Sen. Feinstein.

Bob Ireland
Vallejo, CA
Lest we forget, Bob's reference to the Clinton gun ban = the criminalization of Mil-clone Semi-automatic (aka;"self-loading") firearms, guns rarely used in crime (except on television and the movies)...

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