Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The "90%" Gun Lie Resurfaces Again

"More than 90 percent of weapons used in violent crimes in Mexico are brought in illegally from the U.S."...This line is reported as so-called "fact" by Bloomberg writers Jonathan Levin and Jens Gould in the article "Mexico Ex-President Fox calls for Drug Legalization", despite the fact that this claim is a bald-faced stinking lie...and I'm dammed sick of hearing this bogus piece of mind control repeated endlessly, (now gaining the status of "Urban Myth"), despite it being debunked over and over again, including here on this column!. For the truth on the matter, check out these links and refuse to be a witless gullible dupe!...(S9)

The Myth of 90 Percent Exposed
ATF Strikes Back!: The Propaganda War continues... 
BATFE Continues Debunked "90%" Myth
Group seeks Semi-auto Ban, Legalize Illegal Aliens
Gun Lies Resurface: Clinton & Mex Fat Cats persist in blaming US for Cartel crime
Mexican official: Summit focus: Banning US Semi-auto Firearms 

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