Sunday, November 15, 2009

Group seeks Semi-Auto Ban, Legalize Illegal Aliens

A binational task force on U.S.-Mexico border issues will call...on the Obama administration and Congress to reinstate an expired ban on assault weapons and for Mexico to overhaul its frontier police and customs agencies to mirror the U.S. Department of Homeland Security...Skeptics say...the southbound flow of weapons into Mexico -- where private gun ownership is illegal -- has been a flashpoint as Mexico's death toll from drug-related violence has topped 15,000. In Mexico City in April, Obama pledged to push the Senate to ratify an inter-American arms-trafficking treaty but backed away from a campaign promise to reinstate a ban on assault weapons that Congress let expire in 2004. Obama said that it would be too difficult politically to enact new gun legislation soon and that enforcing existing measures would have a more immediate effect. Mexican officials want a ban, saying that 90 percent of guns seized in drug crimes in Mexico and submitted for tracing to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives originate in the United States, including most assault rifles...If the United States legalizes most of its illegal immigrants and allows for a flexible flow of legal workers, Mexico should stop illegal immigration from its side of the border, the panel said...//Full story @:
Every single outright lie and half-truth is contained and pushed by this group and the media-biased manipulators of the Washington Post here, most telling is the long debunked "90%" gun lie and the fact that the panel want's the US to legalize illegal aliens should make it clear just what these mudsuckers are all about!--S9

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