Monday, November 9, 2009

AR-style rifles spurring some debate

Increasingly across the country, big-game hunters are heading into the woods carrying AR-style or so-called "black" rifles, ones that look like they came straight off the military's front lines.. manufacturers that once built AR-style rifles solely for use by law enforcement or recreational target shooters, such as DPMS Panther Arms, are now making rifles in big-game calibers such as the .308 specifically for hunters...Even the venerable Remington Arms began building two AR rifles this year, the R-15 and R-25, the former for varmint hunters and the latter for big-game hunters..But the trend nationally is for more and more hunters to be carrying ARs. That's generating a lot of debate, and a lot of sensitivity. In the general public, ARs have often mistakenly been called assault riflesthough AR stands for Armalite, the company that first developed them in the 1950sand been incorrectly lumped in with the kind of automatic weapons targeted for federal gun bans. The result is that few people have been willing to talk about them...Full Story @:
It should be noted that the original Armalite was chambered in .308 Winchester, a "Big Game" caliber. Now, "automatic weapons", as used here, should more correctly be termed "semi-automatic firearms" to avoid confusion with machine guns, something the anti-gun forces of evil intentionally propagate...(S9)

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