Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cops Rifle Stolen, Biased Media Rejoices...

Wheeling Officer's Assault Weapon Stolen and on the Streets, Chief Said
Story by Leigh Ann Towne
This M-16 rifle was stolen on Oct. 21, and an internal investigation is underway.
Wheeling Police Chief Robert Matheny says the SWAT officer had every right to carry his weapon in his own vehicle, but someone broke into it and stole the M-16 from underneath the seat. The chief now is concerned because the weapon is out on the streets and he admits now he's rethinking policies on officers carrying assault weapons....
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Ms. Towne bursts with anti-gun rhetoric, using incorrect and inflammatory terms like "assault weapons" without hesitation, and the so-called "Police Chief" appears to be the usual anti-gun political boot-licker commonly found in these jobs. This is so badly written, we do not know if the firearm is semi-automatic or a machinegun, but it is clear that it does not matter, being a scary evil "assault weapon" is enough to brainwash the gullible public, right? So the Cop had his gun stolen, big deal, $hit happens, won't be the first or last time, but the bigger picture is this: Most criminals get their guns in just this manner, by perpetrating crime! The significance of this is (intentionally?) ignored and avoided here, instead going for the sensationalist "assault weapon" scare tactic dramatics is what the editorial slant deems important, in this textbook example of media bias unleashed.

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