Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's triggering a shortage of guns?

"Three main elements that have been behind this are the potential for pending legislation on the federal level, a federal administration that doesn't have any regard for the rights of individuals, and just a general sense of uncertainty," said Paul Gauffin, of State Line Gun Shop...Of even greater concern to gun owners would be legislation from Washington that could reinforce long-feared reforms, including federal reinstatement of the ban on some semiautomatic rifles and increases in federal excise taxes on ammunition...right now they have no 380- or 45-caliber, or 30 carbine ammo for target shooting. "Carbine (semi-automatic), used in World War II, used to be cheap to shoot. Now we can't get (ammo for) it," he said. "And if we don't have bullets, we're out of business."
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Did you catch that? "long-feared 'reforms'". (Reforms my a$$, more like tyrannical infringements). At least writer ROBIDOUX makes "some" attempt to be neutral here, unlike the usual blatant antigun bias we are used to...(S9)

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