Monday, October 19, 2009

Saudis allowed to buy firearms openly (Including Semi-Autos)

Saudis will be able to buy handguns and other personal firearms openly for the first time after the Ministry of Interior will license privately owned gun shops.
Anyone over 25 with a clean criminal record and a bank guarantee of SR500,000 can apply to open a gun store
, the ministry said. An official said the move is aimed in part at reining in the widespread illegal ownership of handguns and assault weapons.(Author using the perjorative term for semi-automatic long guns - S9)
Hunting and sport shooting weapons are currently sold in specialty stores and all weapons have to be licensed...
There are no statistics on how many guns exist in private hands in the Kingdom. But in the six months leading up to July this year Riyadh police said they had seized 1,091 weapons and more than 13,200 pieces of ammunition in the area...the ministry also announced its decision to give Saudis permission to start shooting clubs...There is a SR1,000 fine for anyone who carries arms in places where they are prohibited, such as the Two Holy Mosques, other mosques and military zones, government offices, airports, schools and public gatherings. Unlicensed possession of firearms incurs a punishment of eight months jail and a SR6,000 fine.
More serious violations of firearms and ammunitions regulations carry a prison sentence of up to 30 years and a fine of up to SR300,000...
Full story @:§ion=0&article=127470&d=18&m=10&y=2009
Even a Police State like Saudi realizes so-called "gun control" does not work, however one should realize that they have had a rash of terrorist attacks there, and the "Royals" want ethnic Saudis to be armed for self-defense, so this is an exercise in realism, not an altruistic exercise in liberty, as the heavy penalties and regulations prove...S9

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