Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mexican official:Summit focus:Banning U.S. Semi-Auto Firearms

Mexico also wants more gun control in the U.S., particularly when it comes to assault weapons.

I would like to see the assault weapons ban reinstated it’s not philosophical, it’s because of what we have seen on the groundThere is a direct correlation between the assault ban and expiring in 2004 and the numbers – simply the sheer numbers – of assault weapons that we seize in MexicoWe are both cognizant of what can and cannot be done right now – we will softly, diplomatically…continue to say that this is an important issue for us but I think the real perspectives of this moving on Capitol Hill these days are slim to say the least,” the official said.

““The Mexican government is not about challenging the Second Amendment. That’s a sovereign decision of the United States. It’s a sovereign decision of the U.S. Congress. That’s up to you guys. But the Second Amendment wasn’t adopted by the Founding Fathers to allow transnational organized crime to illicitly buy weapons in the Unites States and be illicitly cross them over international borders into countries where those calibers and types of weapons are prohibited,” the official said.
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The fork-tongued Mexi-Fascist tyrants are at it again with the blatant outright lies about U.S, firearms being brought south across our border to arm the cartels. They know it's a big lie, yet see a chance to get it done under the Obanmustist administration, despite the phony pious oh-so-politically correct pronouncements seen above. These bumbling fools, with extreme draconian gun control for their law-abiding citizens are, like their pal Obama, elitists who do not trust their own people to be armed for self-defense (the last time, there was a bloody revolution and they do not want that happening again! Mexico has continually had a Bandit problem since the 1800's, with plenty of unarmed prey. The cartels are merely the latest manifestation of what their anti-gun laws have produced) and by extension, insists that the US Government adopt the same mendacious stance(?). A country like that has no flippin' business telling the USA what to do when it comes to firearms!. Mexico has a monopoly on armed force, yet look at their crime emergency, with the cartels shooting it out in the streets even after they have sent in their heaviest armed forces: The Army & National Police(!) and guess what: They are having their butts handed to them!. The unarmed civilians are still not safe; shot, tortured and beheaded cadavers litter the country like grisly Dia Los Muertes decorations, yet these malicious politicians continually whine & lie about US guns?. These are tactics to divert attention from their incompetence and failures by blaming an external entity, and hating the "gringos" has always been an easy sell stock in trade for Mexican fat-cat politicians(!). An American city directly across their blood soaked border has a minuscule crime rate in comparison and no armed troops on the street, but plenty of armed citizens and regular Police taking care of business when the crooks act up. No, it's not the US Constitution that is the problem, and dammed sure not mere semi-automatics, when these cartel hitmen are armed with actual full-automatic machine-guns, and explosives (grenades, anti-tank missiles, etc) that are not coming from the US!. These political poltroons are the worst kind of lying, dissembling, totalitarian oligarchs that care only about themselves and any opposition to them, not their citizens (or in Mexico's case, "subjects"...peasants!) just like their opposite numbers here in the USA, with the same anti-gun/self-defense agenda...They need to back off and abandon their Nazified ideas, because Nuremberg has not been that long ago...S9
(Note: See stories posted here in april & may for facts on the mexican situation)

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