Friday, August 7, 2009

Aussies Admit their Gun Ban a Failure(but don't realize it)

"Law enforcement agencies involved in this week's counter-terrorism raids have claimed semi-automatic and automatic weapons, rather than explosives, were to be used in the alleged plot to attack the Holsworthy army barracks in Sydney. Long-barrelled semi-automatic guns were outlawed by former prime minister John Howard after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996. And there was a crackdown on semi-automatic hand guns after the Monash University shooting seven years ago. But according to a criminologist at Bond University, Professor Paul Wilson, there are still many semi-automatic and automatic guns around"..."Some have been stolen and of course we know that a few years ago rocket launchers were stolen from army bases."..."Mr Wilson says automatic and semi-automatic weapons can be accessed through crime gangs. 'I think the evidence from investigative reporters and from criminals themselves, and of course informally from the police, is that it is possible to get semi-automatic weapons, indeed weapons of all sorts, right across Australia,' he said"...
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Moronic mind-control propaganda designed for the unquestioning gullible masses that don't realize this only proves the fact that banning the firearms of law-abiding citizens is an abject failure, since they are now left-handedly admitting the obvious fact that criminals can and as always obtain "hot" guns on the black market.(The facts of history supports the reality that there will always be a few misfits willing to break laws and murder their unarmed victim fellowmen, which is why good people need to be armed for self & societal defense). The law-abiding gun owners let themselves be demonized for the criminal depredations of a few isolated madmen, cravenly giving up their means to self-defense without any significant resistance. This so-called "article" is merely a sugar coated vehicle to placate them to the fact that they have been played for FOOLS by their government, who cannot protect them, could care less about their safety, and prefer to see them as "honorable" dead unresisting victims to both crime predators and government power enforcement agencies. There is a name for that, victim: Slaves... S9

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