Friday, July 9, 2010

Semi-Auto Bans part of NRA Fight against New flood of Anti-Gun Laws

(T)he National Rifle Association is stepping up its campaign to shut down congressional and administration efforts to retaliate with even more anti-gun laws...NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre wasted no time warning that Congress and the administration have plans to attack gun owners..."We are drawing a line in the sand against more gun bans"...
On his NRA hit list is this Hill agenda:
1. Requiring people to apply for a federal license before possessing a handgun, rifle, or shotgun that can accept a detachable magazine like a Glock or some deer rifles.
2. Gun owners would be forced to register, be fingerprinted and photographed, and take a written test on gun safety, storage, gun laws and other subjects the attorney general deems "appropriate."
3. Gun owners would have to give the attorney general access to their mental health records.
4. Failing to notify the attorney general of a change of address could result in a $250,000 fine and a five-year prison term. That's one (of) the elements of H.R. 45 before the House.
"Plus," warns LaPierre, "banning hundreds of commonly owned rifles, pistols and shotguns."...
Full biased story @ US News & World Report
The anti-gun nuts have succeeded in banning semi-automatic firearms (using mind-control media propaganda to dupe the public) by targeting features such as detachable magazines, a normal feature suddenly demonized as "evil" because it allegedly makes it "easier" to reload the piece. This is as asinine and stupid as banning of bayonet lugs (When was the last time you heard of criminals mounting bayonet charges?) and "pistol grips" ("Evil" because it allegedly helps steady the firearm when firing). For example, these features are banned in California and/or were part of Clinton's gun ban. These gun-hating fools see these desirable and normal features, as "evil" machinegun elements (which semi-autos are NOT). This is actually an attempt to ban technology that applies to all modern firearms in general and semi-automatics in particular. They are (ignorantly) attempting to "put the genie back inside the bottle", and throw firearms technology back to pre-1800's levels in their misbegotten quest to justify banning firearms, which their twisted & perverse minds see as inherently "evil" in the first place  They would in effect have us limited to smooth bore muskets and flintlock pistols, then find an excuse to ban those also!. The AR-15 style rifle is the most "commonly owned" firearm in the USA no doubt, so we all know what this really means. There can be no compromise with these excremental ideas which are based on faulty reasoning to begin with at best, and truly snide intentional evil harassment & totalitarian oppression at worst!. Their warped ideas and abuse of the law must be fought against at every turn, and NRA is right to do so!...Support the effort! - (S9)  [Approve of this rant? Then spread it around!]

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