Monday, July 19, 2010

Judge Breyer ignorant about Semi-Autos in his dissent (SCOTUS)

(Justice Breyer stated in his dissent): "Semiautomatic weapons? When is a gun semi-automatic? "..."what constitutes a semiautomatic weapon (a gun that fires one round, ejects the empty casing, and automatically loads a new cartridge when the trigger is pulled) or decide whether people have a right to possess them (a question the Court already answered in District of Columbia v. Heller, where it overturned a law that banned semiautomatic handguns). I suspect Breyer is using semiautomatic weapon as a synonym for assault weapon, an arbitrary category that is based mainly on the proscribed guns' military-style appearance rather than their capabilities. While this conflation demonstrates Breyer's point that judges do not necessarily have the knowledge to assess the wisdom or propriety of gun control laws, the same is true of legislators"...
Jacob Sullum exposes Breyer's uninformed stupidity about firearms here
Here we again see that those who seek to ban firearms tend to be bumbling fools with no real knowledge about them, and therefore have no standing to participate in the discussion.  When they are in a position to enforce tyranny upon the people, they rise from annoying pests to potential destroyers of liberty! - (S9) 

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