Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ban on Firearms Soon (Liberia: From Anarchy to Tyranny)

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will soon issue an Executive Order banning the use of firearms in the wake of 2 discoveries of ammunitions with passengers at the Roberts International Airport...the President is concerned about the regularity with which firearms have been discovered...As of now, only selected police officers are allowed to be armed since the end of the war, which saw the proliferation of weapons around the country...
From Monrovia New Democrat
("Democrat"? Uh Huh)
Madam President, like many of her counterparts, does not trust her people with firearms, and without any impediments intends to initiate a ban, because she's "worried" about a few measly guns turning up?. Bullshit!. Madam President, hypocritically, doesn't seem to mind her own Security men packing the latest AR pattern firearms however (See Photo) . Hundreds of foreign troops and professional soldiers had to come in and rescue this country using armed force against hordes of ruthless gunmen (who enjoyed pillaging and raping innocent civilians) bent on harvesting natural resources by terrorist means. Many of the saviors including some of those so-called "Mercenaries" they protested against she has protecting her today. Now that the war is over, the same mistakes are being made by the government again. These are the contradictions that keep Africa the cradle of Tyranny, rather than liberty, on the world stage...(S9)

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