Saturday, October 2, 2010

Flap over banning Semi-auto owners by NY Gun club increases

Debate heats up over Elbridge gun club rules for 'black rifles' and other semi-automatics - “In an effort to reduce noise leaving the club grounds, all semi-automatic medium to large caliber rifles are to use the upper range. Only two shooters at a time and no more than 10 rounds in 30 seconds per shooter with a 1 minute pause between shooters/magazine changes. We are trying to be proactive about the noise before it becomes an issue. Your support is greatly appreciated.”...23 members had their memberships revoked and were banned from the grounds by a vote of the club membership...Both sides have their versions of the events that led to the final vote...“I’m not trying to stop anyone from shooting. Just don’t dump the mags, or play kick the can with your rifle,” he said. “These clubs (such as Elbridge) are just trying to protect our firearm rights and their standing in the communities with their neighbors...The term “black rifle” covers a wide range of semi-automatic, military firearms that in some cases have undergone revisions to their physical makeup to be “civilian approved.” Among the most popular are the AR-15s and the AK-47s, which are similar in appearance and capabilities, and are built to be semi-automatic, as opposed to fully automatic firearms like a machine gun. Fully automatic firearms are illegal...New York state limits the magazine...on the newer black-rifle models to 10 shots — specifically those guns made after Sept. 9, 1994...
---- Full article is Here ----
Knuckleheads on both sides of this issue with their "Me first" attitudes, bring only joy to the Anti-Gun Nuts and their lamestream media running-dogs. Way to hold up the side, Morons...(S9)


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