Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cops Upgrade to 7.62mm German Semi-Autos (Surrey, UK)

Surrey Beefs Up Firearms Teams - Surrey Police Armed Response...confirmed that teams have been issued with Heckler & Koch HK 417, a light-support type weapon that fires a 7.62 calibre round capable of providing a significant punch. This is in addition to the well-established G36, a 5.56 NATO-standard assault rifle, which is the officers’ primary weapon. The kit is in service with some European armies...AC John Yates – Head of the ACPO Terrorism and Allied Matters committee – has said that the police will need “heavier ballistic weaponry and ammunition” to deal with the terrorist threat...
Full story at Police Oracle
Ever notice that in countries where civilian ownership is banned (and the threat is supposedly less), the Police tend to have the latest and best firearms? What's up with that, or does it just seem like they do?. At any rate, the Surrey Police are getting some of the best firearms available anywhere...(S9)

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