Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fewer firearms, More crime (Robert Farago Reports)

According to Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution, our neighbors to the south have the same right to bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution...Mexico's federal government was cracking down on private gun ownership. Its war against civilian firearms began in 1968, after civil unrest spooked the powers that be. The Mexican government closed all privately held firearm stores. From that point on, all firearm sales had to go through the Mexican Defense Ministry. It determined what guns were sold to whom at what price...America's hugely expensive gun-running interdiction efforts may be evoking the law of unintended consequences...we're spending hundreds of millions of dollars actively denying our neighbors to the south the weapons they need to defend themselves against terror, torture, corruption and intimidation. Eradicating the scourge of Mexican drug cartels is not simply a matter of handing Mexican citizens a hundred thousand ArmaLites and a few thousand rounds of ammo each. Even if it were, the Obama administration wouldn't go there. But it is true that America has a long, noble history of helping the defenseless defend themselves...The same guns that President Felipe Calderon and President Obama vilify for crossing the border could actually be the country's salvation...
Full Editorial @ Washington Times
The lies and disinformation about firearms put out by U.S. Anti-gun Nuts & the Mexican Government is loud and continual, but remain lies and disinformation nonetheless, a dagger pointed at the hearts of lawful U.S. Gunowners and a kick in the slats for innocent Mexicans caught in the crossfire, literally, between their Government and the Cartel Hitmen (Who use weapons not found in the U.S. Market, yet BATFE are on board to increase their power and "job security" even though they know the facts of the situation). Look here for more. - (S9)

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