Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gun Control Advocate Traver to Head ATF

Traver holding "Evil AK-47" rifle he would deny citizens
Inexperienced and politically connected, Traver has developed a reputation as a gun control advocate. Like President Barack Obama, Traver has been tied to the left-wing Joyce Foundation, which bankrolls various anti-gun organizations...Traver lent his voice to a deceptive NBC News article, purposefully blurring the lines between fully automatic military machine guns and civilian-legal semi-automatic rifles that fire one bullet when the trigger is pulled. Traver is also member of the anti-gun International Association of Chiefs of Police...
The anti-gun Brady Center is strongly behind the nomination, stating: “If Mr. Traver is confirmed, we are hopeful that he will be a strong voice for the strengthening and effective enforcement of our gun laws.”
The National Rifle Association and other Second Amendment groups are predictably opposed to the Traver nomination, with the NRA going so far as to warn President Obama to withdraw the nomination.
But the most damning charges against Traver don’t come from outside groups, but from ATF watchdog message boards...Traver has been heavily criticized by ATF agents most familiar with his work. They cite his inexperience and, most damningly, his alleged lack of professionalism...With Traver at the helm, the beleaguered agency’s reputation can only get worse.
Full report by Bob Owens is at Pajamas Media
One of the reasons this blog was started in the first place was for when Obama, with his known anti-gun agenda, took power and as a watchdog for when he made his tyrannical move against lawful gun-owners. This aggression, and his intent to turn them into criminals through legislation, as well as making their lives full of misery and harassment, has arrived. The political backstabbing, arm-twisting, and intimidation begins. The daggers under the togas will soon taste blood. The losers will be the liberty loving supporters of the 2nd Amendment, if the forces of evil and their demonic puppets have their way. Freedom Fighters: Prepare for political battle!...(S9)

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