Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Semi-Autos("Assault Rifles") are used legally for hunting, target shooting

There is a long history of military weapons being adapted to civilian uses. Rifles of this type are used legally for hunting, personal defense and target shooting to include the national rifle championships and a number of local shooting events. These uses by far outnumber the illegal uses of such guns. While the federal ban did sunset, multiple laws on the state level remain in place...The pistol grip does not encourage the use of hip shooting...because it is nearly impossible to control where the rounds hit when fired in this manner. The collapsible stocks...make it easier to fit them to smaller-statured youth or female shooters...The key to eliminating illegal use of these items is to aggressively prosecute those using them illegally with the current statutes in place...
Full editorial at Buffalo News (New York)
Citizen Dan Dudziak does his civic duty responding to a hysterical talking-point ridden anti-semi automatic firearm screed. A tip of the hat to him for his effort! - (S9)

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