Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lest We forget: Turncoat 1989 (Video proof)

President Bush (1) reacts against an anti-gun nut inspired "dance in the blood of the dead to push a Semi-Auto ban" murder rampage by a cowardly psycho-killer in 1989...Bush rejects a ban, proved here by a video clip from my personal archives. Pretty words, but no testicular fortitude behind them!. He later spinelessly caved in to the forces of evil and permitted certain semi-autos to be banned, a precursor to the bans by Clinton, California, etc...Yes, Bush was instrumental in degrading the 2nd Amendment, turning coat and stabbing law-abiding gun-owners in the back...He is no hero on gun rights and should rightfully be remembered as a weak-kneed pantywaist on the issue, and here is the video evidence to prove it!...(These days, tellingly, hugging up to, of all people, Bill "Ban Em'" Clinton!)...Significant, considering the current individual in the White House spent big $ during his campaign also claiming he "supports the 2nd Amendment", yet wants to bring back an even worse version of the Clinton semi-auto ban, a position similar to this Bush flip-flopping precedent. History repeats?)...These are things we should never forget!...

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