Saturday, June 13, 2009

MBTA officers won't be armed with rifles

BOSTON-MBTA officials have dropped a plan to arm transit officers with semi-automatic rifles. The "T" made the decision after an outcry from community leaders. The original plan proposed a training program so that train officers could use the weapons in extreme emergency situations such as a terrorist attack or a shooting rampage. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino rejected a Boston Police proposal to arm patrol officers with M16 rifles last week.
"Those semi-automatic guns would be more appropriate in the hands of officers in specialized units,"
said Menino.
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These are mere semi-auto conversions of M-16's, not the real machinegun version, yet look at the bedwetting going on here. This is the triumph of brainwashing mind-control when it comes to semi's. They don't even trust their own Cops with em',much less you...Public safety takes a hit, based on lies and stupidity...S9

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