Sunday, April 3, 2011

RCMP looking to replace shotguns with rifles

Acknowledging that a "gap exists" within its arsenal, the RCMP said Wednesday that it is looking to replace the majority of its shotguns with carbines — lightweight rifles with short barrels.
The need to equip patrol officers with carbines was identified as a "high priority" in a report released this week into the deaths of four Mounties in Alberta in 2005. Some members within the force have been calling for the switch for years. "We identified this as an issue in 2008," said Staff Sgt. Scott Warren, chair of the RCMP's officer safety committee. "Yesterday is when this gun needed to be on the street." The patrol rifles have an advantage over other long guns and pistols by offering greater accuracy, higher magazine capacity and reduced risk of collateral damage, advocates say...Currently, carbines are only available to members of the force's emergency response teams...Three years ago, the Ontario Provincial Police equipped its officers with Colt C8 carbines and before that they had access to .223-calibre Mini Ruger rifles, said OPP spokesman Const. Peter Leon.
----full report at Vancouver Sun----
In Canada, what is apparently not good for the citizens is good for the Mounties/Police. There has been bitter political warfare for years, including outright civil disobedience, to politicians attacks on firearms ownership, particularly the battles over the "Long Gun Registry". More HERE...(S9)

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