Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More "Fast & Furious" guns recovered at crime scenes in Mexico

The current administrations attempt to justify firearms bans/confiscation by creating an intentional crisis in Mexico continues to kill people, while they continue to lie about firearms and demand confiscation, using back-alley tactics and big money to brainwash the gullible. The outrageous blood-soaked scandal continues to be minimized and obfuscated by the administration and the corrupt politicians south of the border, whose bread and butter is blaming the USA to divert attention from their incompetence in uplifting the Mexican people. Both have gallons of innocent blood on their hands and are just as evil as the murderous drug cartels who shoot, behead, lynch and blow apart people with explosives. This is so horrible, the general public shy away from the facts, the "mainstream" media happily do their best not to report the facts, and meantime all these criminals smile, knowing they are literally getting away with murder...(S9)
Three more weapons used in Operation Fast and Furious have been recovered at crime scenes in Mexico...According to Justice Department documents, all three are described as WASR-10 .762-caliber Romanian rifles...An ATF official, in response to the reports... "we acknowledge that, regrettably, firearms related to the Fast and Furious investigation will likely continue to be recovered at future crime scenes." The Justice Department has acknowledged encouraging gun stores in the U.S. to sell weapons to purchasers who trafficked them to Mexican drug cartels... The Justice Department has refused to provide a full account of the weapons involved in Fast and Furious to Congress. Refusal to turn over certain documents related to Fast and Furious led to a bipartisan vote in June 2012 to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. The House Oversight Committee is suing for release of the material...

Full report by one of the few outlets pursuing the story instead of covering it up for the administration and their allies is HERE

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