Tuesday, August 20, 2013

(Video): Semi-Autos on Display at Open Carry Demonstration

Neighborhood Gun-Rights Activists in Texas take the fight public with an open carry demonstration. Please note that when similar peaceful demonstrations took place in California, Democrat Tyrants swiftly rammed through a ban on open carry, even though open carry of firearms had been lawful in California since it became a State(!). Think about the significance of these facts. Tip of the hat to the brave members of the local "Come and Take It" in Humble for having the guts to stand up for liberty - (S9)

HUMBLE, Texas -- Gun rights activists staged a march in an effort to make it legal to carry any firearm in plain view...Demonstrators said the idea is to help people get over the shock of seeing a weapon in public...
See full report at local TV station KHOU of Houston Texas

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