Tuesday, August 30, 2011

AK-47's Issued to Railroad Police (Kanpur)

US Army cop w/captured AK in Vietnam
The cops of Railway Protection Force have been equipped with AK 47 rifles. A dozen rifles have been given to the RPF personnel. The cops equipped with the sophisticated rifles are manning the railway station. RPF inspector BP Singh said 12 armed men are guarding the railway station in shifts. "The station has to be guarded round-the-clock. Therefore, they are deployed in a shift of eight hours. We are making the men ready to meet any eventuality," Singh said...
Full report at Times of India
Although rugged, reliable, and virtually "Soldier-Proof", a Kalashnikov Model 1947 can hardly be described as "sophisticated" in terms of modern firearms technology. At least the RPF Officers will be better able to fend off a Bombay style terrorist attack, that is if the operators have the brains, training, guts and discipline to prevail over such murderous trash...(S9)

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