Sunday, February 9, 2014

Idiot of the Year: $30,000 "Assault rifle" exchanged for $200 gift card in LAPD "Compensated Confiscation"("Gun-buyback")-(StG-44)

In the WW2 Era, it was common for returning G.I.'s to bring "War Trophy" loot back, including firearms. Keeping the public ignorant and fearful of firearms by the anti-gun forces of evil produced this incredible result. A German WW2 era Stg44 aka "Sturmgewehr 44", a museum piece with a potential worth of up to and over $30K USD, turns up at an LAPD "compensated confiscation" event aka "gun buyback". The "chief" (No real Cop, just a politician in uniform who bows to his masters anti-gun hate agenda) and his political toadies of course exploit this find in a video/photo Op, ballyhooing it to scare the gullible public as the "grandaddy of all assault weapons" (First, "assault weapon" is a political term, second, that is a lie. For example, the Russian Tokarev action preceded it), never mentioning the extreme rarity of available and functional ammunition (obsolete cartridge - 7.92x33K),  and it's large size, making the gun virtually useless in crime, and of course is so ignorant he has no idea how valuable this pristine firearm he is using as a cheap political stunt, is in reality(!!!).  - (S9)
If I’m in possession of an antique, I’m going to do a little research before I give it away for next to nothing. Someone in Los Angeles wasn’t that smart...Yes, that appears to be an authentic, World War II-era Sturmgewehr 44, the first-generation assault rifle. It’s worth perhaps $30,000 according to an estimate of the worth of another StG44 collected in a similar buy-back in Connecticut last year, but the LAPD doesn’t appear to have the class the Hartford PD did...unless it is separated for special treatment, this historical artifact will likely be melted down into re-bar...
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