Monday, January 13, 2014

AR-15: The right weapon at the right time (Accuracy is Important)

These "factoid's" will be suppressed. These are true "common sense", not the Nazified infringements the haters unconstitutionally and tyrannically force upon the backs of peaceable citizens...(S9):
*Awww-Heartwarming :-)*
The recoil of the AR-15 weapon when fired, is very light, and easier for those who are disabled or of small stature to use. Moreover, the AR-15 is ideal for many women instead of heeding Vice President Joe Biden’s advice... Earlier this year, in an area where I lived, home invasions were dramatically increasing since the last recession began. The perpetrators worked in groups. I can’t remember the last time a home invasion in that area involved less than 3 attackers, which is why the AR-15 with a 30 round detachable magazine is a great defensive tool. The AR-15 allows those who would otherwise be victims to hold off, run off, or defeat a group of hostile people in their residence until police arrive"...
Full report is HERE

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