Tuesday, January 7, 2014

AR-15: Boston Police/Mayor clash over Patrol Rifles for Cops

First post of new year shows ignorance and anti-gun paranoia by the haters is alive and well, unfortunately. This story is an example that I assure you will get a few moans and face-palms over, it is packed solid with stupidity, bias and outright lies on the subject, such as "AR-15 Machine-guns", something that does not exist!. Does anyne remember when NYC Mayor opposed Police going from revolvers to semi-auto pistols for the exact same arguments as "Thomas Nolan" is espousing regarding the AR-15's?(This fool is teaching at a university? OMG!). It never happened. Anyway,  Get your barf-bag ready...(S9)
Mayor-elect Martin J. Walsh is shooting down the plan to arm some Boston patrol officers with military-style rifles...
“Mayor-elect Walsh is opposed to the AR-15 rifles,” his spokeswoman Kathryn Norton said in a short statement yesterday. “Unless otherwise convinced by the Boston Police Department, he does not think they are necessary.”
Walsh would have to approve a budget for 33
 AR-15 rifles...Thomas Nolan, a former BPD lieutenant and now a criminal justice professor at the State University of New York, said...“If the cops have these machine guns, they’re going to use them,” Nolan said. “Someone is going to get hurt, someone is going to get killed, an innocent bystander is going to get caught in the crossfire and there is going to be a tragic result” .... Boston police spokesman Sgt. Mike McCarthy had said...would be strictly regulated and would not be used during routine patrol. Use of the weapons could include an active-shooter incident, firing on a suspect from a distance and confronting a suspect wearing body armor....
Full story is HERE

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