Monday, December 23, 2013

AR-15: Georgia school district to provide rifles to campus officers

*Heroic Image of Police with AR-15 prepared to save lives*
Georgia schools moves to provide REAL safety tools to protect our young-uns', at a relatively low cost. Get rid of "gun free" zones which are no more than "Free murder zones" for Psycho-Killers. Let them meet resistance, and we have seen what happens when they do, they shrink like the cowards they are, when confronted by an armed protector (Despite what the anti-gun rights brainwashed rose-colored glasses Utopians propose: They are wrong every time and cannot admit it, they care not for safety of kids, only with banning/confiscating guns!). Kudos to Georgia for being realists, not ineffectual fools! - (S9)
School resource officers in Gainesville, Ga., will soon have access to long-range rifles at their local middle and high schools. The Gainesville school board approved the measure...The proposed gun, a Colt LE6920 M4 AR15 carbine, would be kept inside a safe, accessible only by the officers, using biometric technology...The estimated cost is $6,000, which will be shared by the school system and police department....

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