Saturday, May 31, 2014

AR-15: Kileen TX PD want to issue AR Pattern semi-autos to Patrol Division

Video with this story
Want to use seizure money to purchase FN-15's. Although I personally do not support seizure programs (I say they invite abuse), I understand the desire to upgrade to patrol rifles. Unfortunately, Open Carry of long guns and pistols continue to be an issue in Texas, that needs to be cleared up,  (between law-ignorant heavy-handed police Vs. over-zealous gun rights demonstrators), before someone get killed and the media exploits it to further the gun-confiscation agenda....(S9)
Killeen police officials want to arm every officer in the city with military-style semi-automatic rifles. The request to purchase 231 FNH FN-15 carbines was presented to the City Council by Killeen Police Chief Dennis Baldwin...Police Academy Program Coordinator Patrick Boone said the move to put firearms like these in the hands of police officers...after a deadly shootout between bank robbers and LAPD officers in 1997 in North Hollywood where officers were outgunned and later turned to a nearby gun store for more high-powered weapons...Eleven police officers and seven civilians were injured in the shootout that eventually left the two robbers dead.
Currently in Killeen the members of the SWAT team are the only officers who carry similar weapons.
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