Monday, March 10, 2014

AR-15 vs Tyranny: "ATF raids '80% complete receiver' manufacturer, looking for 'illegal guns'"

ATF (BATFE) elements are at it again, stomping on citizens with jacked booted raids (Are they playing a one-upmanship "Who can screw the citizens most" game with California DOJ's blacksuited gun confiscation raiders?)...(S9) 
BATFE arrested no one, and in fact eventually permitted EP Armory to re-open later Friday, although they confiscated Cook's files, laptop, cell phone and iPad. While at this point it is impossible to know what gave them the idea that they might find "illegal guns," one can speculate. Could it be that, by virtue of the ease (and lack of required tooling) of completing the lower receiver, the BATFE has determined that the incomplete lower receivers are more than 80% complete, and are thus to be treated by the law as functional firearms (and thus "illegal" firearms, because the company was not going through the legal hoops required for complete receivers)? Quantifying just what percentage of machining remains to be done, after all, is rather subjective, which gives the agency quite a lot of wiggle room to arbitrarily harass whomever they want. And it's not as if the BATFE does not have a history of doing just that with makers of 80% complete receivers. In 2006, the BATFE raided KT Ordnance in Montana, eventually charged the owner, and bizarrely charged one of the inert hunks of metal produced at KT Ordnance, before finally dropping the case...
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