Wednesday, July 16, 2014

AR-15: (USA-Video) Albuquerque Police to be issued 300+ AR-15 Rifles

*Cops:Biscotti-Espresso-AR15's: The New Normal?*
The usual hysterics ensue due to local  police choosing to issue rifles rather than let officers carry personally owned patrol rifles, a simple accounting measure is now a sinister "plot" as seen by the left biased media propaganda machine. Get your barf bags ready at this blatant mind-control piece...(S9)
"The rifles were ordered as replacements for officers' authorized personally-owned rifles.  They are being issued only to officers who are qualified to carry rifles and do not represent an increase in the number of rifles carried by APD officers... officers who are authorized to use certain equipment are using the standardized equipment issued by the Department.   The replacement rifles are the standard type of rifle used commonly by police departments throughout the United States and may be purchased by any person at a commercial retailer...Note: A previous version of this story identified an AR-15 as a military-grade weapon when in fact it is not. The AR-15 is the civilian version of the military-grade M16"...
Full blatantly anti- Police/Firearm "report" is HERE

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