Monday, June 16, 2014

Chi-Com UN Troops conduct live-fire drill in Africa

Chi-Com "Peacekeepers" bring their big-bore magazine fed blasters with them to Mali. These look suspiciously similar to Barrett .50 BMG rifles and mount huge optics (probably reverse engineered, like the M-4 Carbine knockoffs they quietly manufacture. Sue em' Ronnie!). I assume they intend to take out any vehicle borne hostiles approaching at a distance. If we will will hear of any action they may participate in remains to be seen...(S9)
The Chinese peacekeeping force to Mali conducted a two-day live-ammunition tactical drill for the first time at a Mali government's light-weapon shooting range located in the hinterland of dessert 30 kilometers away from Gao, a city in the northeast of Mali...five types of weapons including infantry combat vehicle-borne antiaircraft machine gun, heavy machine gun and sniper rifle were used, and eight types of ammunitions such as armor piercing bullet, light tracer and normal bullet were shooted...
Full story is HERE

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